Venue Tear Down

After years of watching families, friends and guests begrudgingly collect decorations,  table linens, and gifts following a fun-filled night, we have decided to add a Venue Tear Down package!

After a long day, filled with fun, love, and memories you and your family do not want to have to spend the time getting the venue back in order before leaving.  We will meet with you and the venue prior to the day of your event to ensure that we have everything coordinated for a successful event tear down, including management of linens, boxing up decorations, and assisting with gifts.  Following your event, you and your guests will have the freedom to simply head home, back to hotels, or to an after party without having to worry about the status of your venue. We will take care of it all!

If you use personal decorations, or if you have gifts that are too large for you to manage the night of your event, we also offer a Decoration and Gift Delivery package.  All decorations will be boxed securely and delivered to your home residence the day following your event.

Event Tear Down Package- $250
Next Day Decoration & Gift Delivery Package- $150